Castrol Incentive Plus
Earn points as you buy! You can earn Incentive Plus points when you purchase qualifying Castrol products from Linton Lubricants.

Points can then be redeemed on Castrol branded consumables and workshop apparel for your business. For more information about Castrol Incentive Plus, orto sign up to the scheme, contact Customer Services or your Account Manager.

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  • Build your identity as a Castrol branded business
  • Benefit from branded products as a reward for your loyalty to Castrol
  • Raise your profile through association with a world leading lubricants brand
Fleet Survey
Using the latest integrated global lubricant data solutions we can survey your vehicle and equipment fleet and create a bespoke, single source lubricant guide for all of your operating needs.

At Linton Lubricants we can ensure you always have the latest lubricant recommendations, no matter what vehicles you run or equipment you operate. Being members of the VLS (Verification of Lubricant Specification) code of ethics means you can rely on our information and our products.

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  • Survey your vehicle and equipment fleet
  • Available with any vehicle (passenger and commercial)
  • Latest updates on lubricant recommendations
Garage Management System
The Castrol Garage Management System is an administration system to help you manage your business more effectively.

The easy to set-up and use system provides a go-to for managing your daily workshop activities, such as creating quotations, invoices and estimates through to stock and parts management and reporting. The system makes it easier to track sales and general performance as well as keeping on top of service and repair schedules with intuitive customer and job card management.

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  • Technical data
  • Accounting
  • CRM and reporting
  • UK help desk
Trade Finance
Linton Lubricants offer our own in-house, low cost trade finance programme to support the supply of workshop equipment.

We supply all kinds of workshop equipment from storage and dispensing equipment to vehicle lifts and MOT equipment. Linton Lubricants also provide a range of small essentials including pouring measures, gear oil trolleys and hand pumps. Tank Link - Linton tank telemetry. Keep right up to date with with the levels in your bulk oil storage tanks (including waste oil tanks) using Linton Tank Link. Our service will remotely monitor the levels in your tanks and provide you with a daily or weekly update email or SMS text.

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  • MOT equipment
  • Small essentials available
  • Storage Equipment
  • Tank link live updates
Vehicle Health Check
For more information about the Castrol vehicle health check package, contact Customer Services or your Account Manager.

The Castrol vehicle health check package allows you to identify additional work required on a customer's vehicle to keep it safe. Car health checks are mandatory in many dealerships and independent workshops.

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  • Comprehensive 20 point health check for customers
  • Quick and easy check
  • Any minor problems can be resolved at one time
  • Peace of mind for drivers
Waste Oil
The perfect solution for your waste oil requirement. Linton Lubricants have teamed up with Eco-Oil to develop our waste oil collection service for customers.

Our knowledgeable staff are on hand to arrange your collection or discuss your requirements. All of the administation involved in managing and reporting your waste oil disposal is included. You can rest assured that your waste oil will be dealt with in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

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  • Waste oil is recycled to produce greener fuel oil
  • Nationwide service
  • All volumes and types of oils
  • Regular collections
  • We look after the paperwork