Commercial Vehicle

Whether you are operating on-highway trucks, buses, mining equipment, plant hire or any other type of heavy duty vehicle, Linton Lubricants can supply heavy duty engine oil, transmission fluid, greases and any other driveline products you require. Castrol's comprehensive range of heavy duty lubricants are designed to improve fuel economy, maximise service intervals and offer the best protection for your vehicles and equipment.

Transmission Fluids & Speciality Products
  • Castrol Transmax transmission fluids
  • Castrol Transynd transmission fluids
  • Castrol Syntrans transmission fluids
  • Castrol Aircol compressor oils
  • Castrol Spheerol greases
  • Castrol Hyspin hydraulic oils

Linton Lubricants offer a full driveline solution including transmission fluids, hydraulic oils and greases. These include Castrol branded products and our own selection of Linton branded products.

Castrol Vecton
  • Maintains the efficiency of exhaust after-treatment systems ensuring continued compliance with emissions legislation
  • Provides excellent protection, even under severe conditions
  • VECTON performes up to 40% better than API and ACEA industry standard limits across oil thickening, piston deposits, soot handling and wear and corrosion

Castrol Vecton with System5 TechnologyTM is the only heavy duty vehicle oil purpose-designed to combat all five engine threats. Tests have shown that Castrol Vecton is up to 40%* better at protecting your engine from harm - and protecting your performance and reliability.