Community & Environment

All of the team at Linton Lubricants are committed to the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of our business, in particular those which impact Safety, Health and the Environment. The Health and Safety commitment at Linton Lubricants is to ensure a safe, healthy environment for all employees in respect of operational conditions, equipment and method of work. Linton staff are trained, supervised and provided with information and equipment to meet company objectives not only for themselves but for all those who may be affected by our companies activities. Linton Lubricants is mindful of it responsibilities towards the environment and these remain at the forefront of all of the companies decision making processes. The company is committed to minimising any adverse effects that may arise from its policies and working practices at all levels of our business and for all functions of the organisation. Our aim is continuous improvement in all we do for the benefit of all.

  • Waste Oil collection scheme - Waste oil and associated waste can be collected and recycled as far as is possible and comply with end of waste regulations.
  • Consultation with clients to advise on minimising their impact on the environment - As a transport operator we are uniquely positioned to do this.
  • Conducting regular reviews of customer’s vehicles and machinery, for which we supply products - This ensures that any obsolescence of stock is minimised and highest standards can be maintained.

For further information on Linton Lubricants' commitment to Safety, Health and the Environment and Corporate Governance as well as other areas of social responsibility please click here.